Congratulations to Antoinette Mwila

The month of March truly is becoming a month of Miracles in the York Stake.  As we have fasted and prayed together for opportunities to share the Gospel if Jesus Christ and sought the desire to speak out, we are seeing blessings across the Stake.

On Sunday Antoinette Mwila was baptised by her friend Jack Gore and is now a member of the York 2nd Ward.  Antoinette decided to be baptised after meeting Jack through College.  Elders Kimball and Murphy shared with me that whilst at college, Jack and Antoinette had become friends.  Jack felt the promptings of the Spirit in inviting his friend to join him at Church.  Having felt the spirit of this invitation, Antoinette accepted Jacks invitation and as she attended Church meetings and met with the Missionaries she gained her own Testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elsewhere in the Stake, a young Beehive sister was also baptised at the weekend, accepting the gospel and becoming a member of the Harrogate Ward.  The Young Women are excited to have her join them and we wish her well as she grows in the Gospel.

Moving forwards Elder Kimball has shared that there are planned baptisms currently in Scarborough, Bridlington and York later in the month as our month of miracles continues.

As we see Israel gathered on this side of the veil, there is also work happening for members on the other side of the Veil as well.  As we enter Stake Temple week today, we are hearing of members across the Stake taking time to attend the House of the Lord.  Members are feeling the Spirit as they share the blessings of the Gospel with loved family and ancestors they have taken time to find and take with them.

March is truly becoming a month of miracles across the Stake as we see Priesthood keys turn, children of our Heavenly Father embrace the covenant pathway with Covenants made and renewed, and the Spirit of Elijah being felt far and wide.

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